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Blue Collar Diamond : Post Play Mystro

Drew Neve @DrewNeve_11, Instagram - @drewneve11, 6'5, 180, c/o 27. from Jesse C. Carson High School, NC is a gritty, tough blue-collar stud that is a lethal triple threat mystro. Drew loves doing that dirty work with a high IQ and intense natural ability to make magic doing all the little things. With his nice size, he can really stretch the floor as he delivers that rainmaker from three lands with a smooth touch. Effective on the move as he makes fierce cuts or off the bounce weaving his way into the seams. But Drew's greatest strength is his post game where he uses his size and strength along with shifty footwork and crafty moves to punish defenders at will. But Drew can also really create for his teammates with timely dimes for open shots with his nice court vision. Drew thrives on taking charges and getting big-time defensive stops. Relentless on the boards on both ends creating more scoring opportunities for his team.

This past season Drew averaged 9 points while shooting 41% from 3 and 73.7% from the free throw line, adding 5.9 rebounds per game as a freshman playing varsity.  The most motivating thing that has happened last season that will make Drew push himself even more is coming in as a freshman playing on varsity was more difficult than he anticipated and just not finishing through contact the way he wanted too so it will push him to become stronger in the gym and that way coming into next season he will not be getting pushed around but be the one pushing other people around. Playing AAU for the Carolina Riptide 2027 Drew's goals for this team are just being able to grow as a team together and win a lot of games, succeeding together with his personal focus area for improving himself by getting comfortable with his ball handling, and becoming more of a leader to his teammates than he already is. Drew has several goals for himself this upcoming season, but the most important ones are averaging a double-double throughout the whole season, dedicating his time and his hard-earned work to the sport he loves, and making his teammates and coaches proud of what he will become.

What fuels Drew's fire the most is when his team is being overlooked and then they are getting defensive stops as a team while scoring well as a team in those situations. Drew handles adversity when things are not going their way by getting his teammates in a huddle and encouraging them by calming them down saying "We got this let's go get a stop!".  No matter what, Drew always puts in hard work.

Coaches can expect that Drew will always give them his full attention if they're talking to him or coaching him. They will get an absolute dawg on the basketball court along with his shooting ability and his relentless work ethic at doing the dirty work that separates him from other players. Drew thrives in his passion to do all the little things. Drew sees himself as a D1 talent because he is willing to put in any extra work to make himself better as well as his teammates. Being a very coachable athlete willing to learn, wants a coach to be able to trust him when they need a bucket. Drew would consider D2 because everybody needs to work harder at trying to get better by pushing themselves.  I assess that Drew is spot on. With all the intangibles he brings with hustle and grit to match his size and skill as long as he continues to grind and elevate those skills staying hungry he will achieve his goal. The scrappy and tenacious swagger he brings is a natural gift you simply can't teach at the level he plays with. Drew certainly will be one to watch for years to come.


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