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Blazing Versatility: Impact at any Position

Iziah Wiseman



165 lbs.

New Port Richey, FL

Fivay High School

Class of 2028

Iziah Wiseman is the definition of flying under the radar. You will hear many people

talking about other players his age, and yet his name is not mentioned very often, but I

PROMISE you that is all about to change, once he hits high school in a few weeks, and

it actually now counts. He is the ultimate team player. Completely unselfish and he will

play any position a coach asks him to, as long as it will help the team win. THAT is the

definition of a leader, folks.

When watching him play, the first thing you will notice is his blazing speed. He runs

track and that tremendously helps him to take the rock to the house. He has the hands,

size and athleticism to play several positions in high school. That is a great problem for

any coach to have. He is quiet and humble and completely selfless. He exhibits a

tremendous maturity for a 14 year old kid. Iziah most recently played Youth Football for

the West Pasco Wolverines where he was an elite playmaker week after week.

What drives him the most is his extremely strong bond with his Dad. His Dad has

always been there for him every step of the way, as his biggest cheerleader. He has

faced much adversity in his life, but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he used that

adversity to fuel a fire that burns deep down inside of him. He wants to make his Dad

proud and show the world what he is capable of. Stay tuned folks because the world of

High School Football in the Sunshine State is about to learn the name Iziah Wiseman. I

will be keeping a very close eye on this young man.


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