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Blazing Sniper: The Unstoppable Floor General

Donovan Brown r:@donovanb693, 5’9, 145 lbs, class of 25, Herbert Hoover High School, WV is a dynamic three-point killer with unlimited range. Once he crosses half-court, it is in his range. Even if well defended he is a bucket waiting to happen. But Donovan is anything but one-dimensional, he is electric off the bounce with blowby speed and a fierce finisher. He is a shifty guard who elevates everyone on the team as they feed off his energy. Donovan has great court vision and can deliver some thread the needle passes.

Last season Donovan averaged 8 points and 3.8 assists per game. He elevated that in the 23-24 season to 17.8 points and 4.5 assists. Donovan's biggest improvement from last year's high school season is his ability to score the ball has improved and become a better point guard for his team and this has helped them win with more than just his ability to score the ball. Last AAU session Donovan averaged 23.6 points a game. Can't wait to see if that average rises this AAU session. For this next high school season, Donovan is looking forward to making a run in the playoffs and getting back to where they were, and also looking forward to taking an even bigger role than he did this past year.

What separates Donovan from other players is his IQ for the game and how he can adjust to any defense or strategy the other team has in store for the game. Donovan is so crafty and can create his shots so well and with this fierce ability you can't stop him, you can only contain him till he figures you out. He is a master at keeping the defense guessing how and what he will do next. Obviously, Donovan would like to see himself playing D1 but thinks he could play D2 at a high level because of his speed and not allowing himself to get sped up when the defense starts pressuring. He would definitely consider a lower division and is looking forward to playing somewhere in college and for any division that he could play for he would definitely consider playing. I assess that Donovan is among the top guards in the entire state and despite his size, he can flat-out score. But he is a true floor general who can literally beat you with an IQ beyond the scoring. And when it's crunch time Donovan wants the ball in his hands for the clutch play to get it done.


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