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Big Country : The Human Highlight Reel

Parker Watts 

Twitter: Parker_watts13

Instagram: Parker.watts1

6'3 ,170

c/o 25

Martin County High School, KY


Watts is an explosive and athletic stud, who can really dazzle the crowd when he gets out in transition. With a nonstop, relentless motor, this kid absolutely loves fast break throwdowns. He is known for turning defense into flashy finishes with power, but don’t be misled, this kid certainly is not one dimensional at all!  He can really make it rain from downtown. He considers himself a slasher and a versatile triple threat scorer. Everyone knows his greatest strength is getting to the rim and finishing in style, and you never know what trick Parker will do on his next finish.  Parker can drop a dime and really mix it up under the boards with his tremendous vertical. When you hear the term the “kid can jump out of the gym” Parker is legitimately that dude. His speed and passion to get out and run, fueled by his high IQ and anticipation, aids him in being a rock solid defender once he locks in. 


Parker's stats for last season were 28.7 points , 3 assists and 9.8 rebounds  at  Tolisa High School. Transfering to Martin County Parker, he has picked right up where he left off averaging  25.7 points, 4.6 assists, and 6.4 rebounds per game in 15 games. What really motivated Parker last season was after a game several kids wanted him to autograph basketballs for them. He said he absolutely loved seeing the smile on their faces. Parker's goals for the upcoming season is to get his assists up, make it to historic Rupp Arena and bring that state championship back home to Martin County.. 


Playing AAU with the WV Hustle, Parker's goal is to be a better teammate while learning how to control the game more. He said once he does that, he believes he will get more looks from college coaches. He wants to get a strong control of the pass and ball play. He is focusing on slowing the game down mentally, and making those game winning shots when called upon to do so. 


What fires him up the most is when the crowd is electric. That makes him work even harder to keep that energy in the gym. Parker has experienced adversity in his life like many other kids have, but Parker hasn't allowed any of those negative things to slow him down, distract him from his goals, or knock him off his charted course. His secret on the court is always remembering the words of his uncle which are “Sing your favorite song, or just pray. You will hear me singing with you and saying Lord help him get this win.” Off the court his faith in God gets him through any challenges that come his way. Even in the hardest situations Parker always believes " God got me and I will be just fine."

When asked what a coach can expect from Parker, he said that he will outwork any kid on the floor, every single time. He always tells himself, "People may have more talent than me, but they don’t have my heart or my work ethic." He brings a fiery passion to compete which is second to none, and has a confident swagger about him. Thriving on living for the big moment when his team really needs a clutch leader to make something happen, Parker is ready to step up and deliver. 


He feels he has the potential to play at the D1 level, truly believing within himself that he can compete with anyone. I personally believe he can someday be a D1 player. When he is on, he can drop 50 with ease on any given night, despite who he is playing against. His athleticism and leaping ability is undeniable. Learning control as he stated, is the key to how far this young star can go. Parker has all the intangible tools and the height to put all the pieces of the game together, and excel wherever he goes . 


I personally call him "Big Country, the human highlight reel." This kid is coming into his final season with something to prove. Come check him out, and I guarantee he is going to put on a show. Continuing to play with purpose and passion will only further drive Parker to a whole new level. He loves to silence all doubters and haters which he truly has fun doing. Stay tuned! This kid is a show that you definitely don't want to miss!


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