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Beast on the Prowl

LeQues Strother @LequesStrother, 6ft, 190 from Williamson, WV is a downhill defense beast. A tackling machine with a nose for the ball and a sure tackler when he gets there. LaQuez is a natural at simply blowup up plays. Athletic and fierce during his relentless pursuit of that ball even shedding tacklers to get it done. Like a coach on the field ready to fill any position needed. In 10 games LeQues had 100 tackles this past season averaging 10.2 tackles per game with 8 tackles for a loss, 5 sacks, 1deflected pass,1 int for a TD, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, and 2 QB hurries. That's production right there.

LeQues started at DL over at Befry but once he got to WV and started at LB, he knew he was back home where he belonged on the field and made a living as he thrived out there. Takes great pride in being a 100% player and gets mad at himself if he doesn't play well, holding himself accountable and to a higher standard than anyone else. At LB LeQues got his confidence back and thrives at being that dude on D. What separates LeQues from other players in his position when he steps on that field is his mindset is he is killing whoever is in front of him., his skill vs their skill, who is going to go harder, in his mind, ME.

LeQues sees himself as a D1 talent and everyone including me agrees with that as he has already been on visits to UK, Morehead State, EKU, Marshall, and WV. Understands he just has to keep his head on straight and keep working. LeQues is open to anyone who gives him an opportunity. But his focus in choosing a school is him seeing it takes care of its players, treats everyone the same or varsity, giving far chances, not favorites.LeQues says to anyone behind him "Don't give up "on your dreams."One more rep" 1000 times a day cause you always have to get that 1% that you don't use that you got.


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