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Angle Master: The High IQ LB Fiery Swag

Updated: Feb 14

Luke Stevens @lukestevens34 ,5'11 , 190, c/o 26 from Bishop McCort, PA is big time defensive bone crusher. With a high IQ and great field vision, Luke plays fast and is able to react to plays quickly and rarely misses a tackle. Luke is very skilled at reading angles needed to excel at LB. Luke brings passion and leadership with a confident swag to be the LB every coach dreams of. Luke has an intense desire to succeed and is reflective in how he comunicates to the team when anything disrupts their flow to get them focused again and not allow any negitivity to hang around. His passion and fire to win fuel his team and movates them to push harder themselves. The 'dog" in him helps him push himself and his team to persevere through any obsticals that may arise. Luke understands that every team need a leader with this passion and drive to get them through adversity or failure. The guy everyone can look up too even when they are loosing and a coach can trust 100% everytime, to give his team everything they need at just the right time. Luke is that stablizing voice that pushes everyone to fight when loosing to dig deep with relentless effort to come back and get the win. Luke is willing to sacrifice himself to do whatever the coach needs him too but the hunger to keep elevating his skills to get better everyday. Luke watchs film, train on footwork, and also strength training to be the best version of himself he can be. Luke had 81 tackles (50 solo and 31 assisted),8 tackles for loss, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 fumble recovery.

Luke's biggest improvement ,besides my stats, is how I have progressed as a linebacker. and the evidence is him having 40 more tackles this year. , adding the experience that came with starting varsity my freshman year. Luke also has been able to read plays more quickly, learned to play downhill more, and increasingly understand pass coverage. again truly knowing it was a blessing being able to have the talent to start varsity so young. Coaches should know every time Luke takes the field, a coach can expect multiple things. They can expect 110% effort and focus, and also the leadership to the team and passion for the game.

Luke believes can play at any Division level; but my work ethic and the offseason training I put in hopefully will assist in his goal Division 1-AA, or Division 1-A but I would be blessed for any opportunity. Luke has decided if he were to talk to a younger player (which I have) he would tell them whatever their dream is make sure they really want to accomplish it. For me succeeding in the game of football and reaching my dream of playing D1 or D2 in college is a job that he work on everyday and is passionate about.His advice from an experience aspect - leave no doubt. When you are on the field make sure you are prepared and confident then all you have to do is go out and play while leaving no doubt.


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