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Airborne Ace: The Ultimate Defensive Dyanmo with a Deadly Jumper

Alex Armstrong  ,

@5alexarmstrong , 6’4 , 160, c/o, 2027,from Hudsonville High School, MI displays a high level of  versatility and flexibility that though it says guard he can guard and score at every position on the court. His length gives him an advantage with finishing around the rim and he also has a deadly pull up jumper which is the best part of his game. So explosive off the bounce getting in the seams for that beautiful jumper, no one can contain Alex when he is in full attack mode. Alex iis also clutch hitting threes in big moments when his team needs it most. The most underrated part of Alex's game is his defense, With that length Alex is able to rack up steals and blocks, but also being able to keep my man in front of him with lateral foot speed.

Last year Alex only averaged 8.3 points and 3.8 rebounds) per game( assists not recorded). This season the growth and strides Alex made was clear in his stats as he averaged 16.6points and 4.6rebounds per game ( no assists recorded) . The most motivating thing to impact Alex this past season was his  27 point game against Indiana Game. Although they lost by a few points it shined among everyone and Alex got a lot of recognition from that game. Indiana Game was a well coached solid all around team with great chemistry and great players. It felt really good to Alex to have a high scoring game against them because of how elite they were. Alex's main goal next year is to be a starter for next year's varsity team at Hudsonville. He wants to play against the best players in my area and compete with them hoping to find a role on the team that fits his team and himself best so they can have a great season next year.

 The main thing that separates Alex is his length and height while also being a very great athlete. It separates him because he can elevate over defenders whether it’s at the rim or a jumper. Also it helps with his defensive game with steals and blocks.   Alex aspires to be a D1 college player someday and play with other great players. He wants this because he believes and knows that he can compete with the best of the best. Alex would still consider lower levels especially close to home, but doesnt want that to lower my expectations of myself.


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