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A Plate of Versatle Efficiency: A side of Lightning Speed

Eli Graf @eli_graf , 5'9 , 160 , c/o 25 from Alco High School, TN is one of the most efficient QB in the game with a 88%completion rate Eli is quick with high football IQ. being evident by how accurate he is and a fierce superior. Eli is tough and gritty being a two way player that produces well on both sides of the ball. Eli is not your average QB as he brings that speed , aggression and physicality over from the defensive side which establishes him as a pure versatile athlete.. . Two-way players have an edge as they have a better game awareness being able to anticipate and process better knowing exactly what to expect from their oppentens on either side of the ball because of their own experience in being that other guy. But what makes Eli the biggest threat is his ability to pull it down and use his spend as an extra advantage to keep the defense off balance and honest. . Eli is such an accurate passer every defender has to respect that and can't afford not to focus hard on what he can do with his arm which frees him up to use that running ability as a strength . Eli wont force bad or siky passes and the fear is not knowing when this gem will take off on the run. And on the defensive side of the ball Eli is equally productive with a nose for yjr ball he seems to be everywhere . Physical and aggressive and ruthless. Don't let his size fool you, he is super active and can deliver a mean hit. Last year Eli went 29-38 for 388 yards with a 13.4 yards per catch average and 8 TDs with a 76.3% completion rate. Also having 28 carries for 305 yards averaging 12.2 yards per carry and 4TDs with a bonus of 5 receptions for 40 yards averaging 8.0 yards per catch. On the defensive side Eli had 5 interceptions ,, This season Eli certainly raised the bar with more efficient passing 40-45 526 yards for 12.15 yards per pass and 2 TDs adding 19 carries for 245 yards with 8.4 yards per carry average and 2 TDs. Defensively 13 solo tackles , assisted on 10 tackles and 1 sack., Eli's biggest improvement has been his confidence and accuracy. Though these aren't eye popping numbers it led this team to an undefeated season and a shot at another state championship. Alco is the most feared team in this class. Eli is a big reason why. . What coaches can expect from Eli every time out is he is gonna execute plays the right way and he is gonna compete . Though Eli has D1 aspirations, he is open to any level. This young star will thrive on the next level as continued development is evident and the ceiling is extremely high as he continues to build on and perfect his skill set more and more. Eli's advice to those behind him is never let anyone tell you or limit you to what they think of you. Well said Eli.. .


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