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A Duel Threat QB Dynmo: The Ground -Shaking Beast

Ethan Meadows @ethanmeadows_2 , '6'1 , 175 , c/o 24 from MeigsCo High School is an electrifying versatile two player that is tough and gritty . This young stud is as fierce as they get. His competitive edge fuels his entire team and his leadership is evident every time out. Ethan is always ready to step up in the moment and will his team to that win if need be. Ethan can beat you with his arm or his legs which keeps the defense off balance and rough to game plan for. With fire in his belly Ethan is one of the most physically punishing QB in the state. Tough to bring down when he is on the run. And the bigger the moment the tougher he gets and the harder he runs. Erhan is a bruiser of a QB that doesn't mind lowering his shoulder and running through a defender or over one when he has a head of steam.His running game is so different in that he never shies away from contact. He fhits that hole with purpose and intent. High offensive IQ and is trusted to make the right decisions in the moment. Ethan just finds ways to exploit the defense.

Last year Ethan Has 718 yards rushing and 684 yards passing with a 48% competition rate and 1 interception. This year Erhan led his team to a perfect 9-0 season while racking up 1093 rushing yards for 7.19 per carry average. Passing for 733 yards with 55.13% comp[letition rate with 18 TDs total . and 8 interceptions on the defensive side. .Ethans biggest improvement has been becoming smarter every week and reading the defense better..Decision making is vital from the QB position and Ethan has worked hard to master that area of his game. Quick to recover from a bad play determined not to make the same mistake twice. With a confident swagger Ethan knows how to get it done out there. Watched Ethan rake this team on his back offensively more than one in hard fought battles to keep the win streak alive.. The battle tested warrior in him won't quit or back down from any fight on that field , no matter the opponent..

Ethan could see himself playing at any division level. Coaches should know added to everything above Ethan will give his best whether in the film room, practice, building his body and of course in the game . Carefully processing opportunities on any level Ethan looks for a coach that is involved and a community that cares about the game. Ethans advice to those coming behind him is never regret anything. That he has always worked hard so later on in life he won't look back and say he didn't give it his all.Knowing he always gave everything he had in every aspect. Rthan's character and leadership on and off the field is absolutely amazing. A proven winner in the game and in life . I know Ethan will continue to build on the solid foundation he has established to this point and success will continue to follow him throughout his life.


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