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4 Star Magic: Master at Work

Taymarion Stanley                                                                                                                        

Twitter: Taystanleyy23                                                                                                                         

 Instagram: iamtaystanley23                                                                                                                                                6’0,183                                                                                                                                                                          c/o26                                                                                                                                                  

Patrick Henry High chool,VA  


Stanley is a four star recruit for a reason. He is fierce, attacking the rim off the bounce and using his strength to finish any way he chooses. With nice handles and good speed, Tay finds the seams and picks his spots to punish any defender looking to get in his way. He truly makes it rain from downtown with a velvety smooth touch.  He is very effective with his court presence and he gobbles up rebounds .What I love most about him is he is a relentless defender who will fight hard to stop any opponent who is coming at him. He has quick hands and savvy footwork. On defense he is a thief who makes slick, effortless steals and he has the quick transition passing game down to a calculated science, which leads to easy buckets for his teammates. He has a very high game IQ, which allows him to fuel his team by making smart passes and hit game winning shots under pressure when he is called on to do so.


This past season Tay averaged 11 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 steals per game. The thing that motivates Tay the most is remembering his team losing the State Championship game on a last second buzzer beater. Right after that he knew he never wanted to feel that ever again. His biggest goals for this upcoming season are winnning more games, and hopefully getting college offers.

Playing up for Twins hoops 17u, Tay's focus this AAU season is being a leader by helping teammates become better players and excel with the skills they bring to the floor with him. What fuels Tay's fire the most is playing great defense and playing smart. Tay understands defense wins games, and he takes great pride in that being his calling card. He is the spark that sets the energy for his team. 

When things get tough during a game, he takes a deep breath, clears his headtakes a and he doesn’t dwell on that past.  He never plays mind games with himself and always quiets that little voice that sneaks up inside of all of us when the pressure is on. He has the confidence to shake off a bad play and make up for it on the next play.

When asked what a potential coach should know about him, he said he is always going to bring leadership, effort and that special defense every minute he is on the floor. He can be  trusted on the floor and focus on making smart plays . This kid has a nasty toughness and grit to him, even when playing against the more physical teams . He is quick to adjust on the fly. That is something that can’t be taught.  That is either in you or it isn’t, and it is most definitely in this kid.

Tay sees himself as a D1 prospect, because he is hungry to play at the highest level and he is willing to put in the work.  He brings it every game. Tay's stock will continue to rise because he pushes himself like every play is his last. Lock him in and remember the name, This kid is a four star player for a reason, TRUST ME!


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