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WVPREPBB Showcase Player Spotlight: Zane Saunders - South Charleston High School

Zane Saunders


6'7, 185 lbs

Class of '25

South Charleston High School.

Zane Sanders is an incredible athlete who is so versatile that he causes a ton of matchup problems. He's athletic and crafty with nice handles and slick moves to get free. Zane's speed off the bounce is impressive, allowing him to take on bigger defenders while being too long and big for smaller ones. He shoots at a high level from downtown with smooth touch. Deceptive speed catches defenders off guard when he attacks off the bounce, and he can finish strong if he gets a step on you. There's no problem with him rising up and nailing the mid-range either. A nice passer at his size, which also catches the defense by surprise as Zane has a high IQ on both ends.

Zane is a monster on the boards and can play awesome defense too. Don't make him mad out there, or it's game over. Zane is an insane shot-blocker with precision timing. He can facilitate the fast break as well as any guard, providing a consistent impact every single game. But this weekend, Zane is in a zone unlike I have ever seen him. He's a dominating force that cannot be contained, no matter who he faces. I saw swagger that I have been waiting for all summer. It looks like there is a huge breakout season ahead if he continues to play at this level. Fire and passion, but he had a ton of fun. This kid is legit with unlimited potential. Y'all gotta go see his show, as seeing is believing.


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