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Warrior on a mission: The Eruption of Dominance

Elijah Mobley

Instagram: IamElijahMobley

X: IamElijahMobley

Gpa: 3.7

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 175lbs.

C/O: 2025

Quality Education Academy, Winston-Salem NC


Mobley is a dynamic, versatile game changer. As a lethal scoring machine on all three levels, he makes it look easy with fluid moves and crafty handles. He possesses a beautiful touch from downtown, and is also brutal and fierce off the bounce. He is a very strong finisher from anywhere in the paint. With his length and leaping ability, he is an absolute nightmare to try to contain. You simply can’t shut this kid down.  The best you can hope for is to try to slow him down. Oh, did I mention he also plays solid defense and dishes out some slick passes to his teammates? He is a master at running the transition offense.  Plain and simple, the kid is just a flat out DOG.  


During his 23/24 high school season, Elijah played through major injuries, including 2 partially torn quadricep tendons, and yet he still decided to still play. That is dedication PERSONIFIED folks! He said he felt very grateful to be playing with so many seniors and having a fantastic coaching staff to learn from. This year, he will be called upon even more to be a leader for his team. Because of that strong senior presence, that truly taught him the meaning of playing a roll, and truly being a team player. He worked incredibly hard to become an even better defender, be more efficient with his shots, and be more vocal on the court.  


Enter this season, and Mobley is now 100% healed. That is very bad news for all of his opponents. He saw some scouts sort of disconnect from him due to him being injured, but he didn’t allow that to discourage him at all. Instead, he is now more determined than ever to put on a clinic for everyone to see.  Last season, Elijah averaged 16.8 points, 2.4 assists, 5.4 rebounds, and 2.4 steals per game and has vowed to increase all those numbers this season.


This upcoming season, he is aiming to show everyone he is more than just a “scorer” as that's what's been often said of him in the past. He is focused on impacting the game in multiple ways that will separate him from his all his peers.  He is also focused on putting on more muscle mass to prepare himself for the next level.


What truly fuels this kid’s fire is when he knows he is competing against a high profile recruit. He never lets a player’s “hype” intimidate him in the slightest bit.  He has the attitude of “show me.”  He said when you are playing someone who everyone knows, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If he does better than you, that was fully expected.  BUT, if you do well, that seriously opens people’s eyes.

When asked what a coach can expect from him, he said “A highly adaptable player to virtually any situation, who is able to quickly make adjustments, listens well and makes any necessary changes that are asked of me. I am willing to play whatever role is necessary, as long as my team gets that dub. I will always push not only myself, but my teammates as well, to always give 110% effort. I am a vocal leader, an efficient scorer, and an overall play maker not only on the offensive side of the ball, but also on the defensive side of the ball.”


He sees himself playing for a mid- major D1 school, but he would also consider a Division 2 school and even a Juco school since they have open practices. My assessment is that with his motor and enhanced skill set, he can play at any of those levels and be successful. This kid has moxy, grit and tenacity. If he stays healthy, and is able to come back 100% from his injuries, the sky is truly the limit for this monster. He has explosive athleticism, and he has the ability to completely take over a game when he gets hot. I would NOT sleep on this kid.


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