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The Ravenous Linebacker: Unstoppable Force

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Jacob Hinton @JacobHinton21, 6'4, 218, c/I 24 is a defensive stud. A feared man as he is one of the most tenacious open-field tacklers you will find on the level. With his quickness and ability to read and process a play so well, Jacob is a matchup nightmare. His high motor, and incredible leadership qualities every coach looks for set him apart from the pack. Can't teach heart and Jacob has miles of that. This kid is relentless flying to the ball every single play. With his big frame, Jacob can be a wrecking crew combined with his speed and IQ.. But Jacob also played on the other side and produced solid all-purpose numbers as well. His versilitality is huge.

Last year Jacob had 115 tackles, 8 of those were tackles for a loss and 2 sacks. Added 1 locked kick and 143 all-purpose yards. Followed that up this season with 81 tackles, 20 of which were tackles for a loss. Adding 5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 6 pass breakups, 15 QB pressures 1blocked FG and Punt. This gem went beast mode as he struck fear in the heart of every player lined up against and the QB's had always know that Jacob was coming for him and would to account for him every single moment to become his net stat.on the other side of the ball, Jacob elevated his impact as well going for 530 all-purpose yards and 11 TD's. That's production at its finest. The biggest improvement is that Jacob was hungry to become more of a monster to dominate the game even more. With a relentless work ethic, Jacob went from being just good to being the best on the field at any time determined that no one was going to stop him and was so tenacious no one could contain him their season.

Coaches should know Jacob takes no plays off and will be relentless every down pursuing that ball. And his ability to learn and adjust quickly helps him absorb information like a sponge. He is extremely coachable and processes everything he sees so quickly he becomes a vital asset to any team. Every time he takes the field you will get 110% from him, nothing held back without a doubt. Jacob is a D1 prospect with room to spare. But the fit matters most even of its NAIA, which is looking like a really good option. Jacob would be an absolute beast if he chose to take his skill and talent there. This going star will excel on the next level no and never one play off as his motor never stops. Playing every game like it's his last. Jacob will excel no matter where he lands. Count on that.

Jacobs's advice for those coming behind him is to never take "the now" for granted while making the most of every opportunity given to you. Surround yourself with people who will push you and who believe in you. Well said Jacob!!


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