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Scoring Machine With a Defensive Edge

Braden Duckworth @BradenDuckworth, 6'7, 210, c/o 24 of Gardendale High School is a dominant big that has an extremely versatile skillset. He can light up the scoreboard in a flash. With great footwork, Braden is a brute force with his post-play with his back to the basket. But he also has a wicked midrange game and can demand attention from deep with the long-range silky silky-smooth touch. But Braden is not just a scorer. He can drop some sweet dimes, gobble up boards with the best out there and he is a ruthless defender. Don't bring that weak game into his house. He ain't taking any prisoners as he is ready to throw a block party every time.

Last season Braden averaged 18 points and 11 rebounds a game. His goal for this upcoming season is to average a double-double again while opening the door for double-digit offers too. With his incredible skill set at his size, that's a strong possibility. Pretty sure the tournament run will be a statement run as with his confident swagger and high energy Braden will lead them well hauling in all sorts of awards along the way. His biggest improvement has been his ability to shoot the three. That classifies him as a matchup nightmare.

That shooting ability with that size is what sets Braden apart. And he wants to take a unique path. Braden wants D3 or Juco to start and then transfer to a bigger and better program. Interesting strategy It certainly will work in his favor as he is an aD1 talent with a little chip on his shoulder with something to prove. Y'all better buckle up for this last run cause Braden is on a mission and to get what he wants he gotta take it to everyone that comes before him be a punisher every single night. Don't miss one minute.


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