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Unleashing the Ultimate Glue Guy's Tactical Brilliance

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Drew Snyder @drewsnyer04 , 6'3 ,185, c/o 25, of Dalton High School , GA is known a a glue guy with high IQ . But Drew is a very efficient scoring option. He can bring the rain from deep or effectively attacking off the bounce and crafty finishes. A beautiful flip shot from that midrange area. Drew is a physical athlete that loves to use his body on both ends of the cort to get his shots and defend.. Drew is a solid defender as that is his calling card. and can drop a nice dime. Not flashy but finds a way to impact every game . Last season Drew averaged 7.9 points, 4.4rebounds , 1 assist, 1 steal and .9 blocks. Drew's biggest improvement since last season is being more comfortable with the ball in his hands.. Drew's goal is to help his team compete for a regional title. What sets Drew apart is that he can defend 1-5 effectively and his physicality scoring or defending with the nice ability to be a three point threat . Drew is so much of an unselfish player his scoring ability isn't jaw dropping but is that ultimate glue guy that gets the job done when necessary . A solid D3 prospect Looking to keep elevating his game and put in the work to get better and better while remaining a team first leader . Gonna keep a close eye on this young gem and his impact beyond just raw numbers... But the hustle, grit and toughness with the willingness to do whatever the team needs to get that win.


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