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Unleashing the Double -Double Machine with a Defensive Edge

Karter Wilson @KarterWilson64855 ,6'2 , 185 . C/O 25 of Wonderview High School is am imposing force in the paint and fierce finisher. Karter loves to run the floor and finish strong at the rim or kickoff to an open teammate. . As ma facilitator he drops some nice dimes. Talk about putting pressure on a defense with that high IQ , speed , athelietism; scrappy nature . . Always plays with poise and under control. Bffzf Kater finds was to punish the defense. But his outstanding defensive swagger is just as clear as he picks pockets like taking cady from a baby. Karter loves battling to reel in every rebound he can grab..Karter is hungry to keep developing and improving his game.

Last season Karter averaged 11 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

Karter's biggest improvement has been being more explosive off the bounce getting to the rim even through contact. Karterss goals for this season is. to average 20 points a game while constantly gobbling up rebounds.. while helping his team resm win the district. Karter wants to continue to perfection on a high level.

Coaches should know Karter bring high engery and IQ with ability to stretch the floor and explodes into the gaps without drawing a ton of charges.charged. Karter will also be relentless trying to gobble up boards. With strong defensive impact too. Karter is the total package. Karter is a high D2 athlete with a high ceiling and could develop into a low to mid major D1 talent because of his skill set and tenacity. Incredible work ethic.

Through 9 games, Karter is averaging 14 points , 11 rebounds,6 assists, 1.5 steals ,2.5 blocks. The double double statement is made and the tone is set fir a strong season.


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