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Ja'Vonte Woods @JaVonteWoods5, 5'11, 180, c/o 25 from D/ougla County Hihj School, GA is an all-about big dynamic play now, think later type of player. It's mainly just a blur of what he remembers after the play and he lets his training and instincts kick in and take over. But sometimes he likes to play more of a methodical role on defense allowing for gaps to form and giving me the ability to use his situational awareness to his advantage.

This past season Ja Vonte had a total of 12 tackles which resulted in only 24 yards in total season gain. He then had 7 forced incomplete passes during his time at DB( 3 goal line stops) while the other 4 incompletions were a mix of playing help coverage and short pass deflections. JaVonte" 's biggest improvement from last season statistically is his strength and endurance, in that regard my speed is something I'm working on as of this current off-season by way of polymetric which caused his vertical and power output to increase 32.7% from last season. From his perspective, I bring a different and adverse perspective to the play style of his defense and can boost the effectiveness of his team by filling in gaps or picking up assignments whether that be in zone, blitz, or man. Thus player wise my gifts can either play outmaneuver or overpower most players in front of him.

JaVonte will be focusing on technique and skills at DB and OLB to develop his hybrid skills so he can be a fit for multiple positions on the collegiate level. Also, he will be working on his image and how he presents himself to coaches via social media and will be looking for new people to work with him so he can become the player he needs to be for his dream. JaVonte's goals for next season are to make more of an impact and contribute more to overall team chemistry as an upcoming senior, he wants to be a role model and a leader to the incoming players and other student-athletes of his caliber or better. But mainly Ja Vonte wants to gain more confidence and control over his football career in college and so forth. Lastly, JaVonte feels like he needs to show others that being doubted doesn't stop you from getting the job done and to have faith in God and not your own mortal body.

JaVonte Recruiting sees himself playing a Role in D3 to FCS schools with my current pace of training and coaching. I'm open to playing any division as long as I'm able to improve and have adverse experiences. From a coach's standpoint, You can expect intense and on-the-go opportunistic Playstation who looks to if possible make plays but also help teammates make them as well.


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