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The Prodigy 2: Triple Threat Dynamic Dominator

Ali Wilcox @ali_wilcox24, 5'6 , c/o 28 from Charleston Catholic Middle School, WV an unbelievable athlete that plays way beyond her years. This young phenom can score  on all three levels with best out there already and at her age a force that cannot be contained. Ali  thrives in  an uptempo style  as she loves to run and push the pace of the game. Super creative in transition with an incredible basketball IQ and tremendous court vision. She has a great ability to find open teammates whirling hustle and do that dirty work diving after loose  balls .Ali is one of the hardest workers on the team playing with purpose and passion non-stop. Ali uses her speed to create space to thread that needle to her teammates or get high percentage shots for herself. Ali mixes it up on the boards as well, seeming to always be around the ball. 

 This past season Ali averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists per game. Having a game high 15 assists in one game.Ali's favorite accomplishment this past season was leading her middle school team to an undefeated Kanawha County Championship..Ali also made 8 three pointers in a single game during the regular season. Ali has improved her shooting and rebounding since last season but it's her rebounding that stands out in games. Her ability to position herself to get rebounds , even against bigger players is what's so impressive. For her size, she is uncanny gobbling up boards. Playing AAU for 2028 WV Thunder likely to develop even more and continue to improve her game. Ali's goals for the upcoming season are to win a high school  State Championship  while working to earn All-State honors as she continues to improve her game on the high school level. 

What separates Ali from other players is her court vision and Basketball IQ. Ali has the willingness to play team ball  and make the right play . As a scrappy point guard helps her team on both ends of the floor. Ali is a great leader on and off the court. Ali is coachable  and always pushing herself to get better and better. She loves helping her team. Above that Ali is a dual who also excels at volleyball. 

Ali's goal is to play college basketball but not locked in on any level but looking for a program where she can excel athletically and academically. Ali is a coach's dream. that everyone wants on their team. 


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