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The Flame Thrower: Sniper Zone

Jordan Peters

Twitter: Jordanisaac08

Instagram:  jordan_peterss1

6’1”, 160lbs.

C/O 27

TriCities Christian Academy, Blountville/Kingsport, TN


Peters is a prolific three point specialist, who shoots quickly and efficiently. He is fierce off the bounce, with a really good change of pace when getting to the rim. He started playing basketball at the tender age of 3 at his local YMCA. He kept cutting the line so he could shoot again! Lol!


When he was 7, he began attending camps at the University of Kentucky (Coach Cal and have all the pictures!) He has won countless awards over the years at the Nike Shooting Camp at Transylvania University, the Bob Jones University BB Camp and the One on One finals. He said the coaches at all of these camps have taught him so much, and have given him tremendous guidance, which he has absorbed like a sponge. He said he owes everything to the coaches and trainers who have worked with him throughout his life.


Other camps he has attended include the Oak Hill Academy BB Camp, the Exact ID camp, and the PGC Basketball/Shooting Camp. He was blessed

to be able to compete in the Elks Hoop Shoot for six straight years, Jordan has competed in many huge games already and he even received an all expense paid trip to Chicago, to compete in the USA finals at Loyola University.   


Jordan ended last season with over 300 points scored with most of those points being 3-point shots, which earned him the “Give me 3” award at the end of his freshman season at TriCities Christian Academy.  His hard work has absolutely paid off, as he quickly moved up from JV, to earning a starting spot in the Varsity lineup. His biggest goal heading into this season is to lift weights and get bigger and stronger.



 What really motivates him to get better is remembering back to last season when his team played much more experienced prep schools, whose starting lineups were predominantly that of juniors and seniors. Jordan just being a true Freshman, quickly realized that age, size, strength and experience absolutely play a huge part in this game.


Playing AAU for the WV Hustle Big Shots, this current offseason, Jordan won the “Big Shots MVP” at five tournaments, averaging between 19-24 points per game. His biggest goal is to receive college offers while always looking to improve his overall game, especially by becoming a more complete, all around player, who can score at all three levels and not just from long range. 


When asked what a coach can expect from Jordan, he said “I will always play great defense and try to completely shut down my opponent, while also always being ready to score when my number is called.” 

Jordan sees himself playing at either the D1 or D2 level where he will continue to strive to keep his academic honors. He has a strong faith and fully trusts in God’s plan for his future.


My assessment at this point is he is a high level D2 or low-level D1 player, who possesses both a prolific shooting ability as well as a high game IQ. Playing Varsity as freshman is no small task. Starting on Varsity as a freshman is even more difficult for anyone to do. He is quiet but lethal. There is no doubt he will grow a few more inches, which will only help his overall game even more. With his relentless work ethic and intense passion, he will undoubtedly be one to keep a very close eye on for years to come. I see shades of another Cal-KY, three point sniper, which has become a household name in the NBA. Stay tuned!


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