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The Air Up There

Bryce Spiller @BryceSpiller, 6'4, 197, c/o 24 from Lutheran North High School, St. Louis, MO was an explosive high flyer that kept me on the edge of my seat. Bryce can score on all three levels. A very athletic wing who is versatile and explosive. A fierce finisher as advertised. Dunks with emphasis. Bryce can bring the rain from deep as well. Dropping timely dimes He was a defensive stud. Don't challenge him at the rim, you won't win. Bryce mixed it up on the boards very effectively. Covered ground quickly in transitions on both sides of the ball. Bryce's biggest improvement began off the court and translated in real-time from the weight room to being stronger on the court. Zoning in on being more athletic. Bryce increased his IIQ and ball handling. Bryce is gonna be a problem for opposing teams. Bryce has set his goals to help his teammates get better as they make yet another run at the championship. Bryce's work ethic sets him apart. Coaches should know Bryce is a match nightmare that can put pressure on the defense. With that great leaping ability, he will be a rock-solid rim protector. Bruce brings skill, athleticism, and leadership with a proven winning attitude. Bryce can be a solid D1 but it's the right fit for any division level Bryce wants. The total package with this one. Now a D1 - Aif Force commit!!


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