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Sniper with Bite: Unleashing the Three-Point Hound

Samson Hightower  Twitter-SamsonHightower, Instagram-Samson.hightower , 6’6 ,178 Class-2025,  Logan county High School,KY , Is a fierce triple threat scoring option with a silky smooth touch from downtown. which he can do very well. But Samson is  Able to get to the rim with ease.. The best part of his game though , is that one dribble pull up. Samson has also developed into a pretty good passer. And as a versatile wing, he doesn't mind mixing it up on the boards or getting after it on the defensive end.

This past season Samson averaged 15.3 points, 5 rebounds, 2 Assists per game. Samson's most motivating thing last season was that his high school team was known as the under dogs and not having much potential. ISamson recently started playing high school ball the middle of my sophomore year and ever since then he took upon himself to fill the role in trying to change the program and did he ever do just that. This year they made it to the regional tournament for the first time in 5 years.

 Coming into this AAU session playing with Vision Elite 17uaau goals are to get as much exposure as possible while improving his game as well as helping his teammates get better and reach their goals. Focus area of improvement is to work on guarding quicker guards so that it will not be a problem at the next level as well as work on his guard skills.What fuels Samson the most on the court is knowing all of his support and seeing his family knowing they are watching so it fuels him to not let them down and show them how much work I put in. The cheering crowd drives his passion to perform to a whole new level. Some goals going into next season for Samson are to average 20-25 points with 8 rebounds and be the top free throw shooter in the state as well as being one of the top 3 point shooters. While doing that Samson is hungry to lead my team to another district title, a regional title, and compete in state.

The best way Smson knows how to handle adversity in a game is to really uplift his teammates and fuel them with energy and hustle until he can get in a rhythm knowing if he is off and his teammates need him. The best thing Samson can do is believe in them and motivate them.

Coaches can expect one thing over anyone else is his passion and willingness to work and put in extra work. Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night Samson is willing to get in the gym. Samson is not afraid to play blue collar basketball, taking charges, getting a rebound at all cost, going after loose balls. A tough gritty stud doing that dirty work. Samson sees himself playing division 2 ball or possibly low division 1 but would never look down on an opportunity to play lower because all he wants to do is fulfill his dream of playing college ball. My assessment is Samson is spot on with where he can thrive at this point. But with a year of work still after this AAU session, who knows how high Samson will fly. The grind never stops and that fire driving him from within could open doors he never thought possible. Never being satisfied but striving to get better and better everyday with nice skills he has can make him elite. Let's just keep a real close eye on this young star.


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