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Offensive Wizard, Defensive Dynamo: Triple Threat Mastery

Shamar Jones @shaman_j , 6'5 , 190 , c/o 25 from Mountain House High School , CA is a dynamic athlete that is physical and gritty. He uses his size and strength to power through defenders to get what he wants offensively. A triple threat scoring option but so explosive and strong off the bounce Sharamer imposes his will when in attack mode. With the ability to really elevate to get great looks Shamar is a real problem to contain. His speed and strength and a matchup nightmare as he seeks out and exploits weakness in opposing guards like a master surgeon with a knife. .. Not just a scorer but a tenacious on ball defender and uses his size and strength as a huge advantage..In the last AAU session Shamar averaged 15 points per game. The biggest improvement was the three point shot and ball handling . This will translate into a stronger ability to keep the defense off balance and makes his versatility a greater strength against defensive schemes and sets.. With his high IQ takes his impact to a whole new level. . Shamar's favorite AAU memory was a dominating performance in a closeout game in the Compton Magic Memorial Day Classic where Jarmar put his team on his back and led that team to a big win. This young star was a clutch performer against really good talent.. Shamar has set some big goals for this upcoming season to win the division, region and state tournament , while earning all region and all state honors averaging 24 points a game. With the drive and passion to not only compete but bring out the dog in him to win, it's gonna be a huge task to stand between him and those goals.. Shamar's athleticism , skill, and commitment to excel at both ends are what set him apart from the rest. That IQ to process the entire floor effectively offensively and defensively is huge within itself as the dimensions of what he can bring are incredible . Shamar can be a one man wrecking crew to disrupt an entire game plan. A high D1 talent that has the potential to be a program changer and an instant impact . Every coach knows you can't coach "dog " into a player but when you find one that's got in them , let him eat.. Teams who will face him this upcoming season need to beware as Shamar is going to be focused and playing like a man on a mission to achieve his goals and coaches take note of that fire within as he does.


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