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Man Child

Stefan Soh @sxsohh, 6ft, 170, c/I 24 fromNC-Good-Better-Best Academy is a man ing boys out there. Stefan is an elite shooter and a triple-threat scoring option who is big-boy strong. But Stefan is a solid passer who loves getting his teammates involved. Thriives on making the right plays every time. But that defense is his calling card. Stefan is a dog. Relentless and the best on-ball defender in this class. He hangs his hat on the fact he can lock up anyone.

Stefan biggest improvement was increasing his physical strength while taking is ability to absorb physicality against him to another level. Also elevating his IQ. Next moment in AAU was hitting a left handed pass that changed the game.

Last season Stefan avetaged 8 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Stefan has set the goal for the upcoming season is to become an elite P and R guard while adding more weight and strength for his college run.

What sets Stefan apart is his hand hunger and drive to get better and better. Add his size and defensive swag you have a man-child. My assessment is Stefan is a big-time high-level D2. He will be a steal for the team that lands him and will be an instant impact. but Stefan only cares about being on a team where the coach cares about developing him as a player and a man and genuinely cares about him as a person. That's big time right there. One last statement run left on this level and Stefan is betting on himself and sends the message don't get caught up on his size but lock on to his gameplay and let that do all the talking needed.


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