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Maguire Evans

Maguire Evans @mag32k of Cleveland High School class of 25 and Bmaze/CCU AAU teams it's a true competitor and example to us all. This is a home school phenom that made a name for himself with prolific three point shooting. I call him the rain man as he was the best the point makers in the state and among the tops in 3 pt makers he country according to Max preps But he more than just a three point sniper, Maguire was also in the top 10 in the state for asts .Starting highlights high school career with the home school team the Chattanooga Patriots. Last season he lead them with that lethal shooting all the way to the national tournament where he made the national tournament team. Maguire averaged 17pts, 5ast, and 4rebs.

Over this summer he elevated his game to another level on both sides of the ball against some of the best talent in the country. Duel role as on CCU he was the main scorer averaging 21 pts per game while adding 4ast, and 5 reb. While with Bmaze it was his defense that was the calling card. That defense was the biggest difference and improvement from the season through the AAU session. He was a lock defender and drew the assignment of doing it against the teams best guards which were consistently ranked in the nation. Remember, Maguire was a home school kid playing on the big stage shutting dudes down. Though he only averaged 6pts, 3teb and 3ast it was that D that everyone knew well. Maguire has very high basketball IQ and never takes bad shots.while always making the extra pass. Fundamental to the max but can do some things with and off the bounce. 

Maguire has now transitioned to public school this upcoming season and I can't wait to see him fly high on that stage as he leads that team in pursuit of a state tournament. Keep a close eye on this developing made for TV feel good story. Already gained tremendous interest from college coaches, I would say statement made.


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