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Dynamo Drive Titan: The Pass First Maestro

Ty Cobb @tycobbie0 6'1 , 165, c/o 27 from Upperman High School,TN  is an eclectic young stud that thrives in the big moment. Ty has a high IQ that helps him make game winning plays in a flash. Ty loves attacking off the bounce getting into the seams creating shots for himself or his teammates. As a pass first leader he still wants the ball in his hands at clutch moments even on the biggest stages. With ice water in his veins he will drive home the dagger against any opponent when the game is on the line.  Dont dont think Ty is one dimensional as you slip on d he can certainly bring the rain effectively from deep. Pick your poison guarding him.If the defense colossus on him he can deliver the perfect dime to punish that defense and fuel his team knowing his court vision will find you if you break free. Feisty and fierce he battles for boards and is a solid defender.. Because of his speed and crafty handles he finds getting his own shots easy enough to be atop the scoring leaders most games. What makes him so tough is his ability to pull up on a dime off the bounce which keeps the defense guessing. Ty is a natural born leader and leading a state semi-final team as a freshman validates just how gifted Ty is. 

Last year playing for Stars Basketball UA Rise that went 35-3 and winning  the UA National Tournament in Hamilton,OH more proof this stud knows well how to win.  During this season Ty averaged 19.4 points while shooting 35% from three and 85% from the FT line., 4.4 rebounds and 4.5 assists leading his school team to a 30-5 record. Winning the District 7AAA crown, Region  4AAA crown, and the lead them to the 3A Final Four.. Personally earning 7AAA Freshman of the Year,7AAA- 2nd All Conference Team,, District and Region Tournament MVP and finally the All State Tournament team. Scary thing for the entire state is that Ty is just getting started.Ty knew early in the season this team was special as they showed the ability to keep winning close games against high level competition. before the majority of their key players joined them after chasing that gold ball on the football field. What few losses they had motivated Ty to want to learn from his mistakes and those of the team to make himself and everyone around him better. Also the defense he faced in some games motivated Ty to perform at the highest level knowing he had to be more efficient in every way not to lose when facing any defense. Adjusting to the highschool level of physicality, size and speed was the biggest challenge he faced. All of these will also be a focus and drive to improve in the off season. With determination Ty aims to be even better putting in the work to get stronger and faster. Scariest thing he also intends to get better at shooting the three while elevating his ball handling skills every step of the way. He is gonna be a problem and a match-up nightmare as a sophomore yall.

What separates Ty  from the pack and makes him special is he has been learning and processing this game since he was 4 sitting on the bench at Uppermen as a ball boy and watching a ton of ball on TV helped him see the game in a different way and develop a very high IQ of the game that he needed to thrive as a guard on the highest level when he and his work ethic . Like a sponge he soaked up as much basketball knowledge he could over those years. The experience of seeing and hearing everything this game could throw at him when his moment would come. Understanding exactly the work needed and the skills to build for success. My assessment is that this rare talent that comes through a program every decade or so is already a D1 talent with a super high ceiling and he isn't satisfied with where he is now talent wise but has the passion to keep pushing himself to be better, that's the mentality of the great ones. Ty already has set his mind to repeat as District and Regional Championship and get back to the Glass House with hopes of bringing home that gold ball.I will be there to witness that run. Join me in locking in this young star right now as Ty Cobb will be a name everyone will know and we all will remember for years to come.Buckle up and enjoy the ride folks.


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