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Big Dogs Gotta Eat

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Elijah Bragg @ElijahKBragg, 6'6, 205, c/o 25 from Mater Del Catholic High School, CA is an absolute beast out there. This gem is gifted at finding seams and getting to his spot. Defense doesn't change his rhythm, but he changes theirs. Elijah understands his size and strength are a huge advantage and punishes defenders and he imposes his will. Elijah is extremely physical and aggressive. Stay in attack mode. Gifted at facing up and killing it in the midrange. Relentless on the boards. Elijah's defense is his biggest strength and wheelhouse. This student loves the challenge of shutting you down. Relentless aggression on the boards and on defense. Elijah runs the floor hard and never takes a minute off. Elijah's AAU stats are rock solid with 14pts, 12reb, 3ast a and 1.5 blk. That's blue-collar magic. Elijah's biggest improvements were his me talk toughness, IQ, and getting stronger. It paid off and will pay off more this upcoming season with the goal of becoming a better leader and teammate. The big picture is to walk in the starring role he has earned and dominate every team before him. He came in ranked number 6 in his position and number 122 in the entire state of CA. The long-term goal is to earn a scholarship and play ball at the highest level possible while setting himself up for the future.

What sets Elijah apart is his attention to detail to match that toughness and drive. Boxing out and doing all the little things to grab the win. Not focusing on the ranking and accolades but on improvement and the classroom. Not really locked in or concerned with a division-level but where be can go and make the biggest impact fight away. With considering where his game and skillset fit in best and the biggest factor of all when his senior year is done what is the impact made from that program and academically can he achieve the degree he wants? Folks that's impressive. This young star gets it and is a proven winner. Keep an eye on this guy for sure.


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