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Beyond the Ark Specialist: Unleashing Offense at his Own Tempo with an Edge of Defensive Swagger

Dayden Rogers @DaydenRogers19092 , 6'3 180 c/o 26 from Banks High School, OR is a gifted and athletic three point specialist with a silky smooth touch . Eclectic off the bounce and a fierce finisher. Can score even through contact with ease. Dayden plays at his own pace and knows he can score with the ball in his hands whenever he wants and however he wants. Plays with edge and swagger to his game. He knows he can impose his will on any defender and can use his speed to get to the cup. Dayden is a strong triple threat scoring option that can do it with either hand around the rim. A solid defender and can really mix it up on the boards.

Daydens biggest improvement has been his vertical and his strength. Living in the weightroom all summer has allowed him to maximize his skills and go to another level with the added strength.Daydens favorite AAU memory was exploding for 36 points torching the nets with 8 three. pointers. He was on fire and couldn't miss. Daydens goal for the upcoming season is to lead his team to a regional championship while averaging a double-double along the way. with points and rebounds.

Daytons shooting ability , athleticism , and lockdown defensive ability is what sets him apart. Add that to his fire gobbling up boards and he is an impact player for any program. With aspirations of playing D1 level , Dayden works hard to master his craft and perfect those nice skills. Understanding exposure matters too , he knows he always has to perform at a high level and let his game speak loud and clear. But Dayden has a clear understanding that playing this beautiful game at any level is a true blessing and does take any opportunity that is a good fit for granted, despite the division level. This will be a strong season for Dayden. Keep a close eye on his development and leadership as he leads his team well.


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