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Better than the hype

John-David (JD) Gillum, @JDGillum22,c/o 2029 number 1 QB in the nation just led his team to a championship and an undefeated season. This young phenom was so impressive the first time I saw his highlights I was captivated that this young kid was so skilled and poised. JD's work ethic and attention to detail is incredible for any age. Constantly perfecting every element of his craft. Golden boy with a golden arm. The strength and accuracy are off the charts. Highest IQ I have seen to date. Not bad at pulling it down and scrabbling either. Faster than anyone on on the field. Athletically gifted and extremely agile always surveying the entire field even on the move to deliver the perfect pads with precision. JD's teammates know he will find them. A master at reading coverages he finds and exposes in weaknesses a defense might have. JD is a cool customer in the pocket consistently making whatever pass is needed. Even when off-balance he can deliver the perfect pass. This sets him apart from most in the country on any level. This stud is a magician out there. The ability to throw from any platform with power and accuracy is probably the most unique of all JD's skills. The poise to never panic or be rattled is on another level.

Last season JD posted 3112 passing yards going 175-203 for an unheard-of 75% completion rate 32TDs, 4 rushing TDs, and 22 two-point conversions en route to a 10-0 season and the championship. In 6th-grade year JD posted 1563 passing yards resulting in 15 TDs, and 12 two-point conversions in just 6 games due to an injury. The most impressive part is he accomplished this all against 8th-grade competition.

His biggest improvement from last season is JD got bigger, stronger and faster. JD dedicated and devoted to time to the weight room and didn't take one minute off. JD didn't stop there but put in hard work on the track and on the field with directed skill development. Also added off-season 7v7 games and various camps. JD is relentless in his pursuit to be faster, throw further, and lock on accuracy. This made him a better leader being a student of every phase of his game.

JD has been throwing the ball effectively since he was 9 and has competed against the best talent in the South and thrived against them finding ways to make plays against elite defenders. There were years JD traveled and played more than 25 games a year throwing 1000s of passes and being extremely successful doing so. JD is a natural-born leader and his dad keeps him developing that more and more. Not to mention his toughness and natural swagger. Been throwing and training 6 days a week without a break in that cycle since he was 4. That hard work and consistency elevated that toughness.

This young phenom will be a high-level D1 in the future without a doubt. The grind and perfecting of his skills never stop. JD's relentless pursuit to keep improving will get him there without a doubt.

Coaches should take note JD is a proven leader and winner. Confident. A fighter and fierce competitor. A bonified playmaker and ultimate teammate.

This young star is one to remember y'all .


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Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson
08 oct 2023

Keep up the great work Kevin!

Me gusta
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