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Basket Bash Maestro: Double-Double Slayer with Defensive Swagger

Luke Anderson @LUKE_ANDERSON26, 6'4 , 184, C/O 26 from Parkersburg High School  is a slasher and gritty board getter and defender. Love loves getting in the seams catching the ball on the move and creating for himself and others. Luke's size allows him to maneuver well in the post and strong enough to get almost any shot he wants .  He is electric getting to the rim and solid mid-range .. He is relentless on the boards , A walking double-double. Tough kid loves defense and rebounding most of all. Luke says give me the dirty work and I'll make my living there.  Luke is a vocal leader With his quickness and size  he has the ability to defend 1-5 . 

During the AAU session Luke averaged 16 points, 12 rebounds , 7 assists and 2 blocks per game.. Luke's favorite highlight was his first in-game dunk. Luke's biggest accomplishment was being blessed to play against great talent and excel. .Biggest improvements were improving his offensive moves in the paint, better ball handling skills against tough competition and his leadership on the court.. Luke's goal for the upcoming season is to help  get his team to the State Championship while improving his shot accuracy in the paint and being more aggressive under the basket. 

What coaches should know is Luke's ability to guard any  player at any position because of his speed and length. Luke has a high IQ that gives him great court vision and awareness. . Strong work ethic with a [passion and drive to be better every single day.  A fire to be D1  pushes Luke to never settle with just being good but pursuing greatness. Luke would consider a lower division level . Excited with hopes to  receive his first offer . This young star just loves this game and you see the evidence every time he hits that floor. But this gem understands he also has to excel in the classroom  with a 3.9 GPA. Focus and fire understanding its his performance that will open the doors on the court and in the classroom.


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