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Visionary Wing:The Ustoppable Court Mystro

Kalen Williamson (@itz_kalen25) 6'7, 195, c/o 2025 from Cedar Park High School is an electric young phenom with size, skill, and spread to be a matchup nightmare. Kalen is long with a crazy wingspan that really gives him an edge out there. And with incredible court vision uses his height to see over defenders and exploit their weakness and find the soft spots in the gaps. Kalen is a very unselfish player looking to make the perfect play at just the right minute. Kalen can be explosive off the bounce and a fierce finisher. Also can really drop that rock to a teammate that gets open, Kalen will find them. In limited time as a sophomore last season Kalen still averaged 5.5 points, 4.7 rebounds, .8 assists, and 1.2 blocks per game. And can be a clutch shot maker with ice water in his veins already. Kalen's biggest improvement is pushing the ball down the court after a defensive rebound, fueling a fast paced transition opportunity for his team and keeping the defense off balance as they can’t settle into normal defensive sets, making it easier for quick scores. Also, Kalen put in the work to master his ball handling skills, not only can he stretch the defense but attack it in multiple ways to give his team extra advantages.

Kalen's goals for the upcoming season is to make the All-District team and help his team make a serious playoff run. Plain and simple. Developing into that leader will have a big impact on how far they can run. Along the way Kalen will continue to elevate his skills and basketball IQ with ease to accomplish his goals. The potential to have a breakout season with increased minutes is extremely high.

What coaches should know is Kalen's ability to see over the defense and make quick decisions of attacking it sets him apart big time. His size and skill is an added bonus. Without a doubt Kalen is developing into a solid D1 talent as he continues to improve in every facet of the game. Hard worker and all around team player but confident enough to be that guy in the clutch moments to deliver when the pressure is on. Kalen would certainly consider a lower division, especially for a full ride if it's the right fit, and will help him continue to elevate his game and set him up for the best position in life on and off the court. Keep a close eye on this young star cause it's going to be a special run this season. Expect magic !!


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