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Double Threat Dynamo

Riley Brown @Riley_ Brown0 , 6'3 , 192 , c/o 24 from Washington County High School is versitle wing with the size dominate the post. Riley is knock down shooter from outside at 43% clip. A sniper . But he has decptive speed and ball handling ability and will blow by defenders for strong finishes at the rim. He can play effectively even with his back to the basket with nice footwork and crafty moves. Riley is an extremely efficient play thats gonna play at his own pace. Riley is also a solid passer, so the double team is a bad idea. Nice court visio.. No one speeds him up or makes him play outside his comfort zone. Can score from anywhere on the floor. Defensively Riley can guard the 1-4. Long and tenaciuos on that side of the ball . In the AAU session Riley averaged 13 points , 6 rebounds , and 5 assists. Riley's biggest improvements were his ball handling, and his maturity level. Really high level basketball IQ. Riley's favorite moment was hitting the game winner in Louisville, KY at the Mid- America Center.

last regular season Riley averaged 10 points , and 4 rebounds. Already you can see Riley elevated his game this summer setting the stage for a breakout final season run. Understanding this is statement time Riley is hungry to set himself apart from the pack setting the goal to help his team get to Rupp Area which means state champiionship . Riley understands that means he has to continue to get better every game out and work hard while being the leader inspires and motivate them to battle through and get wins. Cultivating a winning mentality. To get to Rupp they will have to battle the best teams in the state along the way and Riley understands there will be no games off and it will take his leadership by example as well as being vocal to get there. I feel Riley is up for the challenge .

What sets Riley apart is that leadership ability and his shooting ability. He knows how and when to step up in that big moment and carry his team when needed. His IQ and motivational skills are incredible when the team needs a spark or a lift. Always knowing the right thing to say to a teammate getting down on themselves or slacking on the floor. Thats leadship at its finest.

Riley is a lock to nbe considered a D2 prosect because of his size , skill and versitility. But he would also consider NAIA because most match his style of play. Riley will thrive in any system With lots of motion where pass and cut is primary. Running through sets, setting hard screens is huge and at his size the perfect fit. Thats the goal is to find a sysytem he can thrive in and his skills can flow naturally and smoothly . Riley understands his strengths full well and how to use them . Coachable and a ton of potenial to improve even more, Riley just needs a coach who believes in him and push him to new heights in a system and program that cares about its players success on and off the court. Tremndous charracter and energy . Get Riley on your radar now . You wont want to miss a second this upcoming season.


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