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Game Changer

Keagan Swope @keaganballer21, 5'11 , 140 , c/o 24 from Nelsonville-York High School dynamic young true point guard that thrives in a fast passed high octane style game. As true point guard its a team first mindset as Keagsn has amazing court vision and loves to fuel his teammates more than getting baskets for himself. Thats old school magic right there and a dying breed we dont see so much anymore. But dont think that means this gem right here cant shoot, he is simply that unselfish. Keagan is very effective triple threat scoring option when he needs to score. Gotta respect his shooting ability or Keagan will make you pay. But Keagan's calling card is his defense. He is a dfensive stud and loves letting that dog eat. Keagan mostly would rather play defense than offence. Great court vision on the defnsive end as well and antisipation turns defense into offense with the best out there. . Fierce and scrappy. His favorite accomplishment was making it to the GRBA Nationals in Fort Wayne Indiana. Keagan's biggest improvement has been his ball handling and his jump shot this off season . Could mean trouble for the defnse if this young star decides to look to score more.

Last seasn Keagan averaged 14.1 points , 4.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 2.7 steals per game. The goals for this upcoming season is to win games while getting better every time out. Most of all to have fun out there no matter what. But at the end of the day Kegan's mindset is to go out with a bang.

One of the things that sets Keagan apart is that defense. Its special ya'll. And there is an intense passion more than that than anything else. Keagan wants to be coached and and will give maximum effort till he cant play one more minute. Thrives above and beyond most on the dfensive end.

Keagan is a rock solid D2 and really wants to play at a smaller school where his skills can be utilized most effectively . Longing to be an instant impact. Realistically Kegan would be 100% open to play at any level. Understanding clear the goal is to keep his dream of playing college levl alive is what he deams of. Coach's need to lock Keagan in on the radar this season for sure , its gonna be a good last run no one will want to misss. Keagan knows its statement time and he aims to please.


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