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Triple Threat Fury with Ruthless Finesse and Defensive Swagger

Hayden Harris @hayden10harris , 6'7 , 210, c/o 24 from Clay Co. High School , KY is a triple threat scoring option that can take over a game in a flash. A fierce competitor with a high IQ and understands when it's time to turn up the heat and be that dog. . Very efficient long range bomber  but the speed off the bounce or the open court is wicked. Hayden has  a nice mid-range game and can post up with his back to the basket to be a punisher. But he is explosive attacking that rim and fierce finisher with a look out below furious rim rocking power jams.  Hayden takes a lot of pride in his defense as a rim protector and a shot block. He patrols the paint as well as any  big I have seen all year. Haydens timing and anticipation is off the charts. .He can be flat out ruthless blocking shots. Hayden plays with non stop energy and doesn't mind physical play finding a way to power through on both ends. With his speed to defend 1-5. With his length, speed and timing he can be a real problem for opposing teams on both ends. 

Hayden's biggest improvement is added strength. Adding 20 pounds  of muscle since last season without losing speed or athletic ability but it helped him become more explosive and able to impose his will on any defender and make them his poster. Hayden's goals going into the season were to continue to improve as a player as he prepares himself for the next level. Tournament goal is to help his team win the region. He is off to a great start impacting every game averaging 18 points and 6.5 rebounds a game while playing tough gritty defense. For any player entering that lane beeware Hayden is coming. Even getting shots off from outside if he locks in , it could be a long night. 

Coaches should know Hayden's versatility and  defensive swagger to defend 1-5 set him apart from the pack. Add that to his athletic scoring ability and speed  Hayden is a match-up nightmare. That length is a killer. My assessment is this young stud is mid -level D1 built , but will excel anywhere he lands. The total package . No coach will go wrong betting on this young star. Best part is Hayden is coachable with a high ceiling. Makes adjustments quickly and can be counted on to be the leader out there..


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