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TheShooting Assassin: With Defensive Swag

Keiji Clifton, keiji_clifton , 6'5 , 180 c/o 26 from Forest Hills High School,NY, is a fundamentally sound sniper that understands how to effectively use his size to his advantage and an imposing weapon. .Keiji is a leathao three point shooter with a silky smooth touch and an absolute beast in the paint area gobbling up boards and getting those high percentage putbacks. Keiji has nice ball handling skills and can pass well. And the second best quality is Keiji  is a defensive stud that is one of the best rim protectors out there.. Checks every box on the floor.

Keiji's favorite AAU moment was simply playing tournaments every weekend. Keiji's biggest improvement was spacing. But overall he continues to develop and get better everyday, the grind never stops.Keiji's goal coming into the season was to continue to improve his skills and elevate his game enough to receive his first D1 offer. So far this season Keiji is averaging 18.7 points and 5 rebounds. Solid in NY city..

What separates Keiji from  others is his IQ, competitiveness and his shooting ability. D1 potential for sure and puts in the dedicated hard work to accomplish it. Keiji has been inted to try out for the 18U Japan National team . With his talent already opening big doors of opportunity his goal and dream is realistic as long as he continues to improve as he has consistently. First time I saw Keiji I knew he was gifted and I caught up and watched him in real time and he did not disappoint. He played like a man among boys. Keep a close eye on this kid. 


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