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Swift Surge: Thr Visionary Force on the Backfield

Jose Trevino @Jisetrev30 , 61, 185, c/o 25 from Brazoswood Hogh School, TX is rumbling powerful running back that uses his size andvstrength to overpower defenders . Josh is fast and shiftybwith great vision and natural instincts for finding gaps in the defense. Joe's makes great cuts and is extremely illusive. With an extremely high IQ he hits the holes with purpose and determination. No one will arm tackle this stud. This season Jose had 224 carries for 1068 yards, 11 receptions for for 171 yards for 20 total TDs.

Jose's biggest improvement is the way run being strong and more explosive hitting the hole being more comfortable and composed as the makers hard timely cuts. His ability to nake people miss or power through contact. His vision and speed with that power and illusiveness is his greatest skill and sets him apart. Jose sees the holes the second a seam the moment ot appears and explodes onto it heading for pay dirt. Coaches can expect Jose to go 100% every time and fight for 3very yards he can get with fire on his eyes striving for one more TD within his reach.

Jose desires to play D1 but understands how challenging that can be and just focuses on elevating his game and maximizing his wills and let the right door open for him, even if its a lower division. When consideringa school what stands out is ot making him feel at home and and developing talent with a winning culture is thebfit for Jose. Jose's advice is to work hard cause nothing comes east and no one is going to give you anything on that field or in life. It's up to you to make it happen. Wellsaid Jose. Can't wait to see more from this young star.


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