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President of the High Flyers Club

Nathaniel Law @nlae_33, 6'6, 185, c/o 24 from St. Thomas Escopal High School is an electrifying athlete who can take flight in a hurry. Nathaniel is a ruthless finisher and has no problem making you his poster. Fast and furious when attacking off the bounce. The bigger problem for defenders is he is a skilled three-point sniper. Nathaniel is also a rebounding machine and a solid defender. Everything a coach could ask for when you add the last element of his skill, he can drop a mean dime. This earned him a full scholarship to UTEGV. Also named one of the top players in the state of TX. As loaded as Hustoun is with talent Nathaniel is among the very top of the list. Nathanial on this final stretch is to keep elevating his skills while leading his his to a state championship victory. That will be the perfect ending to a great high school career. Not a impossible for him to be the MVP this season and will undoubtedly be named 1st team all-state. That's going out guns blazing. It's been a tremendous honor to watch this young stud grow and develop to a high level. of talent. I knew when I first saw this high-fly act this was going to be a fun ride. Nathanial has never been disappointed since that day. I think his Memphis performance was among the best I dad from him against literally the best players in the country. He thrived on that big stage and set himself apart. Coaches were buzzing. Nathanial brings so much to the table that with great anticipation we wait to see what will he do in this game to captivate us or wow us doubt he will be impressive on the next level as well. Pro-level potential is in him as I think he can develop to that point.


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