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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

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Jaden Goodall @jaden_goodall , 6'7 , c/o 24 st Canyon County High School, arts our new week in dominating fashion. A triple treat scoring option did his damage all over the court. This week's North Orange County Championships and blew up for 93pts in the 4 games and led his to the championship and earned himself Athlete of The week award. Also averaged double digit rebounds whole playing outstanding defense.

Landon Smith @Landon11Smith11 , 6ft, c/o 26 of Brookeland High School, TX is an explosive young athlete that loves to bring the rain from deep with smooth touch. This impressive underclassmen has lit it up and found other ways to impact every game and help his team get wins. In the last few games London has dropped 97pts and added13reb, 5ast and 4 stls. His best game of the week was a scoring clinic going for 38pts and 5 reb. This followed a 32pt performance last Friday night. This young star is on fire right now.

Trey Thompson @treyy_2k , 6'8 , c/o 26 of Greenville High School was on a double-double tear this week. He literally was a one man wrecking crew. In three games this stud went for 76 points, 33 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 blocks. Game high during this stretch was 41 points. This young star is the ultimate game changer.

Garrett James @garrettjames_4 , 6'3, c/o 25 from Port Haron,MI had himself a solid week. In the last 4 games Garrett went for 70pts, 15reb, 11ast, 10st, and 3blks. He was a game changer on both ends. The total package who delivered big time. * Sorry for late entry due to technical issues.

Austin Brown @Austin brown26 , 6'8 , c/o 26 from Lufkin High School, TX is yet another dynamic athlete that can beat you in multiple ways .WWhether its scoring, rebounding or with his defense . He always brings energy and hustle to be a huge impact. With his size and athletism, Austin is a match-up nightmare. High IQ that delivers game winning play every time out. Last three games he went for 79pts and 38reb. That right there is massive production you can depend on.

Trey Stump @treystump10 , 6'1 , c/o 25 from Nicolas County High school had a really good week as he led his team to their first 2 wins of year. This savvy young guard is a shooter yall and has demanded a double team or been face guarded all season yet has been able to score well and facilitate even better. Trey loves the three ball but has the speed to kill defenders off the bounce. A scrappy defender in his own rite. In two games this week Trey scored 45pts and averaged 5reb and 4 ast per game. This without playing more than 2 1/2 quarters. Very impressive.

Jason Britton @jasonbritton24 , 6'2 , c/o 24 of North Greene High School, TN ,the machine, continues to roll with yet another solid week. Best game up the week Kason dropped 40pts and added 7reb, 3asts, 5stls and 1blk. He has now scored 2421 career points with a massive goal in his mind by the end of the season. This young star does it all .

Samuel Dillard II @Samdilliard11, 6'3 , c/o 24 of Benton Hugh School, MI has been rolling as of late and torching defenders as he lights up the scoreboard. Also dropping dines a good clip and mixing it up on the boards. In two games Sam 61pts, 14ast and 10reb.

Steven Ramirez @stevenram2025 ,6'5 , c/o 25 of Keller High had another great week. Embracing his leadership role on this team Steve continues to shine bright and be that high energy athlete getting it done. Stevens high game this week , he had 31pts and 6reb. Stock continues to rise. In t he last three games Steven has averaged 28pts and 7reb. And his defense is always special. This star is a game changer.

Pearson Carmichael @pearsoncarm2024 , 6'7 , c/o 24 of Summit High School, Oregon is a triple threat scoring machine. A beast on the boards and can drop some sweet dimes. Can't sleep om his defense either. This work Pearson broke the schools single game scoring record with a career high 42pts added 16reb in this one as well. Pearson averaged a double-double this week as he leads his team well. For the last 3 games this Boise State commit has scored 83pts and added 35reb and 12ast.

Logan Kilbert @KilbertLogan , 6'3 c/o 24 from Soerra High School, CA had incredible game that cannot be ignored. He was a mam on fire outbthetr putting on a scoring clinic. This young stud blew up and went for 71pts a new career high. That right there says it all. On both ends this this young star delivered.

Irfan Khan @CertifiedIrfan , 6'2 , c/o 24 from Schaumburg Christian School is a new face putting up solid numbers to be considered. Last 3 games Irfan had 91pts. For season he is averaging 25pts, 4reb, 5ast, and 3 stls per game. That's certainly a breakout season.

Micah Estelle @micah_estelle , 6'5, Hopkins High School, MI had another solid week. Continued to flash his low post dominance. Micah 's stats for the last 3 games are 42pts, 35reb , 5blks, 9stls, 1ast. He is shooting a blistering 78% on the season .

Cooper Abner @cooperabner1 , 6'8 c/o 24 from Westmoreland High Scool ,TN had himself a monster week as he led a team limited by injuries. He elevated his game and led them to a 2-1 record this week. A beast on both ends. He went off for 69pts, 32reb and 10blk in those three games. On the season Cooper is averaging 23pts, 10.7reb and 3.7blks per game. That's production at its finest yall.

 Esner Madesko @ Esmer_Madesko , 6'1 , c/o 24 of North Mills High School, GA is having himself a breakout season so far and this week is just another sample of that. This crafty, athletic stud is so explodes off the bounce and creative that it dazzles those watching him play. A triple threat scoring option arises itbup on the boards . Dropping sweet dimes an outstanding defender. This week on two games Esmer had 61pts, 7reb, 7ast and 6stls. Rock solid performance that showcases his talent .

JJ Franks @JJ_Franks , 6'4 , c/o 25 from Berrian Springs, MI had a great week. With his team depleted with injuries JJ rose for the occasion and put his team on his back and carried them to a 2-1 record and recorded a game high 33pt game along the way. This high flyer can beat you in so many ways. The number's don't lie. JJ averaged 23pt, 8reb, 2.4ast, 3.2stl and 2 blk while shooting 45% from the field, 53% from 3 point range and 75% from the free-throw line.

Micah Story @micah_story12 , 6'3 c/o 24 from Bald Knob, AR is becoming a double-double machine. Elevating his game more and more his impact is being vlearlu seen. Hr has a knack for gobbling up boards like a magnet and his defensive swagger is impressive. Last three games Micah had 58pts, 33reb, 7ast and 5stls.


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