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Mr. Elite

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Ethan Rosenau @ethan_rosenau10, 6'2, 190, Parsons, WV is a super-efficient leader that poised and cool in the tightest situations Ethan is a master at reading and reacting to the defense and exploits its weaknesses finding mismatches and breaking receivers. Makes an art form of stepping up in the pocket after making a full survey of field to hit his streaking man. When provided any time his top-notch percission is top-notch and tough to contain. But Rathan is anything but one-dimensional. He can take off scrambling when essay using that speed to elude defenders. And cam make tough passes even on the run. Fighting to hit that open man at all cost.

So far this season Ethan is 93/123 passing for 1221 yards with a 75.6% clip. That's an average of 13.1 yards per pass resulting in 23TDs to only 5int. That's a dazzling 129.1 average QB rating. Now that's production y'all.

Ethan has improved his footwork and speed 100% since last season. With a strenuous work ethic and speed drills coupled with awareness drills that hard work is truly paying off. Ethan's mental toughness with that tremendous awareness sets him apart helping him excel in that decision-making.

Ethan is a very vocal leader to keeps his team accountable and flowing smoothly making sure everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be at all times. Won't allow the offense to slack or any take plays off by getting them back in line.

Ethan is a lock for a high-level D2 but would consider any level that will utilize his skills and push him to another level of development. Coachable, Proven. Winner.


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