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Mastering the Court: The Umtaimed Journey of a Pure Point Guard

Robbie Keys @RobbieKeys8 ,6'0 ft, 190, c/o 24, Milton High School , FL Is a fierce competitor and team first pure point guard.. High offensive IQ with great court vision always looking to make the right pass at the right time. Don't be confused, Robbie can score effectively but picks the right moment to take shots . Never forced and always within the flow of the offense . But he uses his size to his advantage on the boards and defense. .Both of which he will always be an impact player. .

Last season Robbie averaged 7 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds. During the AAU session Robbie really began to come on strong, elevating his game to another level. Robbie improved across the board averaging 15.3 points , 4 assists and 5 rebounds .Biggest improvements were his passing and of most obvious his scoring. Robbies goal for the upcoming season is focused on elevating his game even more and making a huge statement and getting coaches to see he is worth a serious look as he leads his team well. The drive and passion to win in any situation will serve him well in his quest. To be the best , you gotta beat the best. The stage is set for a breakout season as this summer was an indication Robbie is coming into his own at just the right time.

What coaches should know is that Robbie is driven by the fire to win , even in practice . He takes losing personally and builds on any loss building on anything he can take away from that to win the next one.His work ethic is tireless with the determination that he is hungry to reach his dream of playing at the next level. . My assessment is NAIA or D3 . Every coach needs a dog who just works and refuses to lse without a fight doing whatever is needed to accomplish that. . Tough and gritty .


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