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Double-Double Dynamo: The Disciplined Art of Dominance

Thomas Duncan @ThomasD2028, 6'1,180, c/o 28 from Adairsville Middle. School, GA is a walking double-double. Thomas has the natural ability to be everywhere around that rim on both ends of the floor. Nice footwork with his back to the basket. But Thomas is versatile and athletic and can bring the rain from downtown or be a punisher in the midrange area. Creative and strong as he uses his size as a weapon overpowering most defenders at will. Thomas is very structured but gritty and determined. He is a firm believer in setting goals and reaching them. Thomas sets a high bar for himself for those goals. Strength is listening and being coachable. When he makes mistakes Thomas says he has to listen to understand them and not negatively respond to them. And Thomas is relentless on the boards.

This past season Thomas averaged 10 points and 12 rebounds per game. Playing for Team Impact and OTP NXT 14u for this AAU session averaging 14 points and 18 rebounds. Thomas understanding the benefits of working on himself not just physically but mentally realized if he set expectations for himself he could reach them with hard work and that is what motivated Thomas the most. Also seeing issues that arise as opportunities. Thomas's goals going into the next season are to improve his footwork, read the floor better, grow his mental toughness, grow his leadership skills, and increase his speed and with purpose while improving his diet. That will certainly will require more time getting up shots and most importantly committing daily to work hard on his defense.

When facing adversity Thomas overcomes challenges by viewing them as opportunities and tackles them with a positive attitude. Thomas knows his coaches are there to help make him better and ensure he reaches his full potential. Thomas owns up to his mistakes and uses those to energize him.

Thomas gives high credit to Coach Walter Jordan, Coach Clark Wiedetz, Coach Yakhouba Diawara, and Coach Evan Black who took a kid who couldn't dribble or even make a layup 3 years ago into someone constantly improving each game and hungry to be among the best. They taught Thomas to root himself in Goa and go into every game thankful for the opportunity just to play and be a part of a team.

Thomas's goal is to play D1 basketball and football. In pursuit of that Thomas trains daily for each discipline is a must. As he grows in each Thomas sees what God has planned for him. The honor of playing with a team at the next level is one he wouldn't pass up on any level. Being at a school with a program he admires, players he respects, and a school that has his desired major are very important factors.


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