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Chasing Shadows

Peyton Podany @peytonpodany, 6'3, 180, Anoka, MN is a versatile player who can effectively make reads from the pocket with patient poise and confident composer. Peyton doesn't force passes but is cool and calm while being a high level playmaker. Incredible office IQ understanding the perfect moment to be mobile with crafty anil by to elude and escape pressure. Peyton is fully committed to giving 100 % and a fierce competitor who knows how to lead a tr however he needs to contribute to the success of the team. Peyton sees the whole field and connects with his receivers in stride. taking what ever the defense gives him. Completing 213 passes do far 1397 yards and 12 passing TD's this season with 2 games remaining is rock sold. Since last year Peyton has focused on improving his composure in the pocket. Mentally staying relaxed and perfecting disciplined reads. After bringing on the weight room Peyton cam throw 10-15 yards future than last season. This skilled and polished gem has a strong with ethic that will cause him to continue to elevate those nice skills and he is coachable which raised the ceiling even more. A student of the game finds ways to impact every game. D1 or D2 are certainly within his reach. And Peyton is hungry and driven with a warrior's will to win. That sets the stage for big things for this young star to excel even more.


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