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Carter Wheatley

Carter Wheatley @CaterWheatey, 6"0, 150, c/o 25 from Monroe Central High School, Ind. Is an e cite young athlete. His entry and hustle serve a as spark plug to his team as they feed off that energy. Carter is a steady constant scorer but picks his moments for only high percentage opportunities. After shoots that three ball at 39% no doubt if he shot more his scoring average would be much higher. Carter prided himself on passing and defense over scoring. Carter absolutely loves dropping dimes and seeing the site of his teammates getting shots. In the AAU session, Carter averaged 8pt, 3ast, 1blkand 2charges taken a game. Carter's biggest improvement was his shooting and finishing at the rim. Carter was always a good shooter but now you can't leave him or it's buckets if he shoots. Last year Carter averaged 10pt, 3reb, 6ast. This season the goal is to get his first in-game dunk and break into that 1000-point club. Coaches should know Carter's work ethic is what sets him apart.


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