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Caleb Thomas

Caleb Thomas class of 25 of the WV Gold AAU and junior at Spring Mills High School is an electrifying athlete on both ends of the court. At the U.S. Basketball tournament at Lake Point. This gem y'all at 6'6 is wicked game changer. The perfect wing that fuels the offense as Caleb can be a great facilitator with solid ball handling and thread the needle passing. Didn't take much of watching Caleb to understand the beast he is and potential superstar. Explosive off the bounce and a wicked finisher. Incredible force in the paint and can be unstoppable with the size and strength to overpower and destroy defenders at will. Gobbling up boards with best out there. And that defense is just wicked as he is a ruthless shot blocker. And Caleb upside is also crazy high. How is this powerful stud under the radar? The numbers don't lie. For this tournament he averaged 16pts,6ast, 9reb,5blks,per game which actually improved on his season average 10.9pts, 10.6reb, 4.7 blks, 4.2 asts and 1stl.  Anyway you cut it this kid is real ⭐ that if you see him shine, you can never ignore. He flat dominates every minute he plays. Coaches get this kid on your radars now. You looking for that dog to change your program, that search ends here. Caleb is that guy you must have.


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