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Beyond the Ark: The Limitless Sniper

Gabrriel Parks @GabrielParks26 , 6'0 ft, 160 , c/o 26 fromLawton Chiles High School is a three point specialist . Lethal from downtown with unlimited range and beautiful tounch. High energy and can attack off the bounce efectively as well. tight handles that help him get to open spots or blow by defenders. Doesnt need much space and its a clean shot the moment it leaves his pands, we know its buckets. Gabriel is a solid off-ball defender as well. Gabriels biggest improvements have been his handles, defensive IQ and movement. Gabrials biggest AAU accomplishement was nailing 8 threees in and finishing with 26 points in Witchita, KS.

Last season Gaberial averaged11 points, 2 rebounts, 2 assists. Gabriel has set goals to win the district while make All Big Ben 1st team averaging 18 point, 4 rebounds and 4 assists along the way. Easy to see the work Gabriel puts in as his three point shoot has become an impressive wepon thats natural and smooth . It will carry his team to many wins this upcoming season. and its gonna be massive as he continues to add that defensive awareness and elevated IQ.

What coaches should know is Gabriel's work eithic on and off the court sepertes him from the pack. Alsong with his hustle and that lethal shooting will make him a big impact plyer you wont on every team. With room to grow Gaberial could develop into a low D1 or any D2 right now just beacuse of shooting and defense. This is one to keep a close eye on this season and the coming years . Very high ceiling and he could have a breakout moment at any moment , so you done want to sleep on this young star.


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