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Airborne Ace:Soaring to Success

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Camden Fall Thompson @CamFall Thompson ,6'5 , c/o 25 , Whitehall High School MI flxes all his athletic skills on the field playing both sides of ball as well as WR and a Safety. Canden has established himself as a two year varsity starter. Cam is a high efficient WR that rise up above defenders with that nice size and incredible leaping ability. Agile and displays beautiful body control. Cam brings grind , grit and toughness to to the field with fire and passion to get the when by doing whatever is needed on either side of the ball playing every game like its his last. Camden can even play QB when needed. The ultimate warrior yall. A proven winner that just wins at everything he puts him mind too. Football is no exception.

Camden and his Whiitehall Vikings are currently ranked #1 in Michigan in Division 4 with an 9-0 record. Cam has caught 27 receptions for 501 total yards and 8 TDs vs 1 ftumble. Hands like glue that are sure. At saftey Camden has 6 picks (1 for a 76 yard TD run) 2 pass breakups and 12 tackles. Kid does it all out there . A stud you can depend on to bring the heat every single play. Camdens agility, body cntrol and over all athletism with that insain leaping ability set himapart whether soaring over defenders for amazing catches or on defense himself as QB try to throw over him.

Canden hopes to play both football and basketball in college on the D1 level in each or a high D2. Camden already holds an offer from Western Michigan University. Camden also has interest from the University of Minnesota and Marris State, the #1 ranked division 2 school on the country.gem is special with that awesome versitility . And the season is still rolling as he leads him team well. Deep playoff implications are high as the 8 game win streak isnt a fluke but the evidence of focus and hard work on and off the field.


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