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The Art of Long-Range Percision

Ethan Rosenau @Ethan_rosenau10, 6'2, 190, c/o 24 from Tucker County High School is a high IQ three-point specialist shooting around a 48% clip. A real sniper y'all who can catch fire in a hurry. But Ethan isn't one sectional. Effective off the bounce getting past defenders if necessary. Masterfully surveys the floor anticipating his next move in advance. Ethan thrives in controlling the pace and won't allow defenders to speed him. Composed and poised.

Ethan's biggest improvement has been his ability to get to the basket and finish strong. Ethan added a little bounce to his game too.

Last year Ethan scored 178 points going 68/136 shooting, 34 rebounds, 23 assists, and 10 steals impacting his team and making it to the state championship. Ethan's goals for the upcoming to season is to win the state championship game. It's gonna be a monster season for Ethan. Understanding the moment and locked in on his goal, it will take big things from him.

What coahrs should know is just like in of it the other dlkrtd his zys, he uses his mind to direct the defense. Ethan is equally poised to make the right plays every time. Never forces shoots and picks his moments wisely. Ethan is a solidD2 with one last run to elevate his skills. Tough and coachable.


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