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Sam McKenney

The Human Highlight Reel

 Sam McKenney @13SamMckenney 6'6, 205lbs, class of 24 from Buda Johnson High ,TX is one of the most electrifying athletes I saw this year. Sam is a true high flyer and extremely athletic. He is a gifted triple threat scoring option with silky smooth touch from downtown where shoots a sizzling 40 percent.. Explosive off the bounce and a fierce finisher. I can count on Sam for at least one poster dunk a game.  With his size he can play the post extremely well too. Sam created huge mismatched with speed  with that size. Sam is a great facilitator and ball handle with nice size. Sam not only can score in bunches but can deliver some jaw dropping passes. Sam has an incredible basketball IQ and reads the floor extremely well. Super versatile and runs the court as well as any guard. Defensively he is scrappy and tenacious with amazing timing. Sam always draws the best play on the other team and is can defend well 1-4 and even the 5 some because of his long wingspan and leaping ability. In AAU Sam averaged 17 pts,9 reb, 5ast and 2blk a game against some of the best talent in the country. His biggest improvement was that defense which he took to elite status. He elevated that even more for school summer ball where he averaged 25.7pt, 11reb, 2blk. Last season Sam only averaged 13.1pts,7.8 reb, 1blk, and 1charge drawn per game. The numbers don't lie this stud keeps getting better and better. Poised for a breakout season. Sam has set a goal to lead his team on a deep tournament run and hopefully a state championship while continuing to keep his stock rising giving us all what we want to see .,and incredible performance every time. Coaches should know Sam already proven he can excel against elite talent offensively and defensively. He brings energy and toughness you can't teach. Gritty and determined fire to always get the win. His leadership on the floor is unmatched. Sam's skillet can change the culture of any program. Get down to TX and watch the magic. Sam is very capable of mid to low level D1 or any D2. Already holding several offers telling you he is the real deal.


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