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Player Spotlight: Isaac Hodges

Isaac Hodges


6'6, 190 lbs

Class of '26.

Isaac Hodges was an absolute punisher out there. He could not be contained. He shot very well from downtown with a silky smooth touch and was electric off the bounce with strong finishes. Even the midrange was magic; he was confident shooting against anyone. On top of his scoring prowess, he was an excellent defender with that length and scrappy in his work on the boards.

In the Ohio Youth Basketball tournament, Isaac averaged 28 points a game. His biggest improvement was his ball handling and shooting. Isaac has a goal of stepping up and being the leader that gets his team back to the state championship. He aims to make not just his school proud but the whole county. Isaac possesses a fierce competitive fire that separates him from the pack. This young star believes he will win every game and has the grit to try to make that happen. He feels he is always the best player on the court.

In the end, Isaac could be a D1 talent with his size, shooting ability, and defense. When Isaac is rolling, he is more than a handful.


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