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Match-up Nightmare

Shyam Patel @shyampatel2025, 6'4 , 165, c/o 25 from Steven F. Austin High School Is a triple threat scoring option with high percentage clip from deep established by his recieving the best 3point shooter award during the AAU session. Shyam thrives as facitator that can destroy the defense in multiple ways. Noy only is Shyam lethal from deep , he is explosive off the bounce with dazzling ball handling skills and is a fierce finisher at the rim. With an extremely high IQ Shyam dissects the defense with persion like a surgeon. And beacuse Shyam worked so hard on attacking the lane and finishing at the rim , he is a tough cover and keeps the defense off balance. This skill is the biggest improvement in Shyam's game. But it doesnt end there with this young star. Shyam prides himself on being a defensive stud in his own rite. A shot blocking mahine yall with incredible timing. Shyam posses the speed to guard multiple postions including quick guards . That length and speed are a nice advantage to have. Taking it up another level Shyam wipes the boards clean like windex. His energy and hustle are undeniable . A true game changer yall. In the AAU session, Shyam averaged 22pts, 10rebs, 5asts, 3stls, and 4blks a game. The numbers dont lie. This hidden gem is special and has continued to develop and improve in every element of the game. No doubt why his IQ is so high.

Shyam primary goal is to lead his team on a deep playoff run while improving his scoring average and defensive impact. That alone will take him from star to superstar in the end. Determined to average a double-double and never be one dementional. Accomplishing these goals Shyam will pick up a ton of awards along the way, though that isnt what drives him, they will come .

Coaches should know its that high IQ and with great decision making that sets him apart from the rest. Whaen you add all his skills and energy , no way he can be overlooked. This kid is dedicated to continuous improvent and never being satisfied with the staus quo in either athletics or acdemics, staying hungry also sets Shyam apart.This intense workethic and passionhas set a foundation for long-term success.

Shyam is classic D1 talent that understands the pursuit for greatness never stops and will be among the best in the end. His dream is to go toe-to-toe with best while achieveing classroom success.This balace is pivotal to Shyam understanding long-term success for life hinges on it. Shyam is open to other divion levels however if the provide the desired balace and allows him to accomplish his mission of constant improvement and acacdemic excellence.

In my assessment i concur. that Shyam s differnt and will thrive in anything he sets his heart and mind to do. Cant wait for the season cause its gonna be massive.


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