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Lethal Sniper

Tyler Engelson @tyler_engelson , 6ft, 163, c/o 25 from Timberlake High School is a prolific scoring machine. Its a shooting clinic every single time Tyler hits that court. Destroying defenders at will challeneging them to pick there posion. A triple threat scoring option and never fails no matter the defense set against him. With a silky smooyj touch Tyler can really torch the nets . But with shifty and athletic moves and sick handles gets into the seems and all the way to the rim if he chooses for baskets. An imposing force that will not be denied as he ranks in the top 3 in the country in scoring. But Tyler is also an amazing passer as he ranks in the top 25 in the country in assists. What defense can match this duel threat stud? In the AAU session Tyler averaged 31 pts and 6asts per game in the EYBL circuit. The highlight of the summer was a 49pt explosion against a top five team only missing two shots the entire game.. Dont let the chior boy face fool you , this young star is electrifying and thrives in the biggest moments on the biggest stages. What oppents should fear is that Tyler gained 25 pounds of muscle over the summer , grew 3 inches and added 7in to his verticle. Welcome to the high flyers club Tyler. Incredible work ethic .

Tyler's goals for the upcoming season are to help his team win the state title while continuing to elevate his skills and pull some major upsets along the way. Its going to be a massive breakout upcoming season no one will want to take their eyes off. Already performing at a high D1 level coaches lock this gem in om speed dial.

What coaches should know is plain , this kid can carry a team with his prolific scoring or deleiver timely passes to get it done out there. Tyler's speed and athletism presentgs a mismatch aginst most dfenders then his bounce takes care of the rest making it imposssible to shut him down.

My assement is high level D1 with a ton of room to grow. When i first connected with Tyler i knew he was a special talent and watch his development has been nothing short of amazing and i see the long hours and hard work he puts in consistanly. There is no ceiling how good Tyler will be when its all said and done. What makes it the best in my eyes is Tyler is a humble superstar with a charter that matches his skills, fist class. He is one of the most dominat playes i have connected with . He reminds me of another kid i watched since middle school and now playes in the NBA where i feel Tyler will be in the near future. A mirrior image of another Tyler we all know. Remeber his name and get on this train now. You snooze, you loose.


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